What You Should Know About Wasp Removal

Wasp is a flying insect, found in multiple colors like black or yellow which can sting and cause painful injury in the skin. Wasp removal becomes essential if it forms the nest inside the household and disturbs you and other people around. However, if the nest is at a little distance from the household and does not affect the people much, it is better to leave it alone.
Wasp Removal
Wasp Removal

Wasps are also one of the essential parts of the ecosystem since they help in pollinating the flowers and the plants and eat other garden insects such as the caterpillars. Sometimes a layman cannot determine the difference between the wasp and a bee. If you identify that the nest belongs to bees it is advisable not to touch it, since the numbers of bees are decreasing considerably, they need to be preserved.

Different types of wasp nests

Before you start the wasp removal process it is essential to know the type of wasp nest that has been formed. This would help you deciding the process you should apply for removing the wasp. The common types of wasps are explained below. 
  • Paper wasp: They usually have long legs and bodies in comparison to the other kinds. They usually build long and exposed nests and are easily visible from outside. They tend to attack when you disturb them, and their stings are quite painful and dangerous. So, if you are planning to remove the nest, you ought to be careful.
  • Yellow jackets: They have shorter legs and black antennae; they are usually aggressive and attack in swarms. It is better to learn well about the process of removing before you begin.
  • Hornets: They are the most common type of wasps and have white markings on their heads.

Process for removing the wasp nest

Wasp nest in the household is one of the most unpleasant situations and becomes mandatory to remove it as soon as possible especially if there are children or elderly people in home. It is better to get in touch with the professionals who address the issue. However, even you can do it by understanding the process and by taking certain precautionary measures. For wasp removal it is essential to wear protective clothes and it is recommended to remove the nest during night, since the wasps remain less active during this time. 
Wasp Removal
Wasp Removal

The common steps for removal of the wasps are explained below.

  • The first and foremost step to check is that you are not allergic to the stings of the wasp. It would be better if you take up an allergic test and visit the doctor once before you perform the operation of removing the nest by yourself. If the test reveals that you are allergic you must never do it by yourself as it may lead to life risks.
  • There is vector control district in every locality that helps you to deal with the life threatening insects. The professionals would guide you in the best possible way on how to get rid of the wasps.
  • Sometimes the wasp nest is at such an inaccessible location like the attic, inside the wall or below a concrete slab that you have to get it done by the professionals only.
  • It is advisable that you do not stand on a ladder to reach the wasp nest if it is located on a higher place. If a swarm of wasp suddenly flies towards you there is high possibility that you would fall down and cause serious injury.
  • Pesticides are usually sprayed beforehand to kill the wasps. During spraying of pesticides it is essential that no one comes in the area especially pets or children. It can be quite poisonous.
  • It is also essential to dispose the dead pesticides that fall on the floor as soon as possible.
  • Before you attempt to get rid of the wasp nest you must wear protective clothing. 
So, remember all the above aspects in mind and be careful!
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