Catching the Nuisance: Possum Removal Tactics You Must Know

Homeowners often find possums ending up inside their comfy residential settings like basement, garage or attic or external area that is a part of their property. This is the most repugnant thing to observe. Nobody likes to see uninvited animal guests crawling in their most private haven and considering it as their own place. It is not easy to deal with the mess they leave behind as a result of their unwanted presence. Shockingly, possums emit strong spoor from their body and defile your house with urine and feces.
Possum Removal
Possum Removal

Possums look like enormous version of rats and they are taken as harmless animals. But the fact that they stay in your house without your property without your approval can irritate you. Possum removal therefore is a good solution to avoid any chance of damage or disease unknowingly caused by possums.

Types of commonly found possums in urban areas:

  • Brushtail possum is the most commonly visible possum which has the size of a cat. It has got grey fur, large pointed ears and a bushy dark black tail.
  • Another commonly found possum is ringtail possum which is quite smaller than cat. Unlike brushtail possums, they have round ears, a curly tail with a white tip and grey fur on the back. They give birth to one to three young babies especially during winter or autumn. Ringtail possums are known to weave a nest made of organic materials like leaves and twigs at some distance above the ground. They don’t really tend to enter the premise through roofs.

Possums prevention and control

  • Though there are several possum removal practices, it is better to stop them from becoming a patron to your personal abode. They are in search of free food, which makes them find resort in your house. To stop them from making a house in your house, make sure all outdoor trash containers are sealed tight with proper lids.
  • Don’t keep outdoor pet dishes outside and remove it when you are done feeding your pets. Possums also love to eat from pet dishes.
  • Check your home for all possum entry points. Secure all the access from outside your house. Inspect thoroughly attic vents, chimney caps, and basement doors and damaged windows. Try and seal-fill any gaps and holes that allow them easy access.
  • Possum tend to gravitate towards unclean or untidy corners inside or outside your property. Make sure you eliminate unnecessary debris from your backyard. This includes trees, leaves, organic litter, lawn and unoccupied outdoor settings.
  • Maintain the length of grass and keep it optimal to avoid the need for possum removal methods. Cut and trim tree branches and bushes that get close and hover around your premise.
  • Block the pet houses you have built just outside your property with proper door shutters.
  • Use possum repellent products that will deter the entrance from this animal. Apply them in areas where they are most likely to be attracted to.
Possum Removal
Possum Removal

Possum removal: Trap them if you can

  • For possums that are becoming a stubborn nuisance for your property, trapping them with strong, durable and functional mesh trap sounds like the best option. You can use a steel reinforced trap cage with gravity action triggers to ensure your prey is captured in a quick shot.
  • Baiting them with some cat food, or fruits or vegetables will make it convenient for you to catch them in time. You can set the trap at places where they frequently visit for shelter and food.
After you have successfully trapped possums, abide by the local laws of animal protection and possum removal and set them free in a remote area away from residential settings. 
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