What are The Advantaged of An Authorized Mercedes Service Center?

When you buy a luxury car like Mercedes, you need to read the car manual and you have to gather knowledge about your car model from the online portals. These luxury cars have specific designs, which are not very common and normal car mechanic and service center are often not able to repair your Mercedes. Looking great on the exterior level of these Mercedes, models are not enough, because you have to maintain these luxury cars with more details. In this regards, you can discuss with authorized Mercedes service center and they will fix the internal issues with their advanced tools and techniques. It is suggested to repair and check the spare parts of your Mercedes car after a certain time. Avail this service from authorized Mercedes service center only.
Mercedes Service
Mercedes Service

Reasons for Hiring the Mercedes Service Center:

Qualified mechanics can easily solve the problems in your Mercedes car with their advanced tools and technology. They are ASE certified professionals and they can deal with any problems of your car. Apart from that, these Mercedes service centers can provide you limited warranty on their serviced areas and if you find any difficulty within this warranty period, then you can claim a free service from them. They are insured and they will maintain the car insurance guidelines during the servicing of your luxury car.
  • Good Mercedes service centers always increase the performance level of your car and ensure you about the best fuel economy rate. They will identify the probable issues with your car and fix them with their special equipment. Most of these Mercedes service center can offer you mobile car repairing facility and repair your car in your garage. Therefore, you do not need to bring your car to their service center. Thus, you can save your car towing expenses in this way. You just need to call them and fix an appointment with their servicing team. They will arrive at your doorstep according to your time preference.
  • If you have Mercedes Benz car, which was made before 1997, then you need to maintain the servicing schedule after 6000 to 9000 miles. However, if you buy a new Mercedes Benz then you need to avail the Active Service System or ASSYST scheme provided by the manufacturing company. This service system is divided into two major parts, which is categorized according to ‘A level’ and ‘B level’ services. ‘A level’ services includes regular maintenance, inspections, engine remodeling, and repairing of the cooling system of the car. On the other part, ‘B level’ service includes lubrication system, door hinge, locking system, and car body inspections.
Mercedes Service
Mercedes Service

Service Plans Provided by Mercedes Service Center:

Mercedes service centers mostly offer you three category service plans such as normal service plan, fixed monthly service plan, and comprehensive service plans. The normal service plan offers you the same price services until next year. If you have this plan then you have to pay fixed servicing charges for next year and they cannot charge you any additional amount during this period. If you avail the fixed rate monthly service plan then you can bring your car to this service center anytime. They will service or repair your car and charge you a fixed price. This plan is transferable. If you sell your car in future then the new owner can buy the same plan from you. Apart from that, you can go for the comprehensive plan, which will cover all your expenses, and you need to pay monthly servicing charges to these Mercedes service center.

So now, maintain your luxury car by hiring authorized Mercedes service center and increase the performance level of the car.
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