Best Security For Your Family With Aluminum Security Mesh

Securing our home has become one of the primary concerns for many in the present day. The number of reported burglaries has progressively increased. One statistic mentions that around 2 million burglaries are reported every year just in the United States alone. Most such burglaries are break-in through windows and doors, making security of our homes a priority. As there are inadequate security measures in many houses, thieves find it easy to break open the window or door and enter the house.
Aluminium Security Mesh
Aluminium Security Mesh

How Do You Protect?

There are many ways to protect our house from thieves breaking in, but most of them are not affordable for everyone. There are burglar alarms, security cameras, smart locks, etc., that can be installed in our houses, but these require considerable investment of money and these kinds of technologies do not last long and need periodic maintenance and replacements, making them expensive. Also newer architectural designs of buildings have eliminated conventional metal bars on windows thus making us more vulnerable and pushing us to look for more effective security measures.

As there have been advancements in home improvement, there are security options increasingly becoming available, which can be much lighter on the pocket, but are still an effective way of protecting oneself and the safety of our homes. One such advancement is the Aluminium Security Mesh. Although stainless steel meshes have been present for a long time, aluminium mesh is much cheaper than steel mesh, more durable, and does not corrode. These are affordable and easy to install on doors and windows giving an added measure of safety. Let us consider the advantages of using this kind of mesh at our home as a security measure.

Advantages of Aluminium Security Mesh:

  • Aluminium is a strong metal and cannot be broken easily making it difficult for those trying to break-in.
  • The material is not bulky but is thin and gives the appearance of any other cloth screen.
  • The material is durable and corrosion resistant and thus lasts for a long time.
  • Aluminium security mesh is available in various patterns and comes in all sizes and shapes, giving a wide range to choose from that best suits the taste of the buyer.
  • It can be easily mounted on to any kind of doors and windows that exist and thus eliminates the need to replace anything existing to accommodate this.
  • It gives an added layer of protection to the doors and windows, blends in flawlessly, and gives it a much smarter appearance and a smooth finish.
  • The mesh also acts as a protection against insects entering into the house, but still does not block sunlight and fresh air.
  • No extensive maintenance is required and cleaning it is also easy. 
Mesh Door Screen
Aluminium Security Mesh
It also acts as a one-way vision. The perforations on the mesh give a clear view of the brighter side of the mesh and a restricted view of the darker side. This helps one see the outside clearly, but makes it difficult for others on the outside to see the inside of the house.

Effective and Inexpensive

This is an excellent and a cost-effective way to protect your house from external attacks. This can easily be installed on any doors and windows; be it sliding, French, or any other type. It can also be easily cleaned with just warm water and mild detergent making the maintenance very affordable and easy. Whether you want to protect your house from burglars or just to block the view from outside, the aluminium security mesh is an excellent security measure for your family.
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