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Car service as we all know is a complete procedure of the servicing of the car to keep the car in an optimal running condition. The servicing is of utmost importance for the car to maintain an overall good health of the car. The car undergoes a thorough check for the identification of any fault or faulty parts that needs servicing or replacement. Do the servicing of the car at regular intervals to prevent greater damage to the car and its spare parts.
Audi Service
Audi Service

Most importantly, timely servicing of the car can save a lot of money in the future. Since it prevents the car from getting serious damages due to wear and tear. The manufacturers of the cars specify some scheduled date of service for each of the cars. In a similar way, the manufacturers of Audi provide the customers with an Audi service schedule along with the sale of the car, so that, the customers do not face any problems about the servicing. They provide all necessary details about servicing of the car to the customers at the time of purchase of the car.

Types of Car Servicing

In general, there are two major types of servicing of the car and the same applies in the case of Audi service as well which are as mentioned below.

#1. Interim Service: The interim service is a specially designed Audi service for the cars that travel a lot that is about 20000 miles per year or more than that. These cars actually need servicing two times a year but it does not necessarily need a complete or full service both the times. This interim service includes the basic maintenance such as
  • Checking out worn tires
  • Faulty lights
  • Leaking hoses
The service also includes changing the engine oil and various other additional checks. It also checks and changes the coolant system of the car. In some of the cases, check the condition of the brake pads and the inspection auxiliary drive belts take place. In addition to this, check the tension and condition of the fan of the car & alternator.

#2. Full Service: A full services as implied by the name is a detailed servicing of the car, which includes a much wider range of various types of checks and different types of replacements of the parts, as per the requirements. This type of Audi service is designed for the cars that travel comparatively low and has lower mileage per year. This full servicing is done only once a year. The range of maintenance tasks under the full service is as mentioned below.
  • The filter and the oil are changed.
  • A new air filter is put in.
  • A new filter for the fuel is put in for the cars with a diesel engine and new spark plugs are added in case of the cars with petrol engines.
  • The car undergoes thorough checks for any kinds of leaks, wear & tear, and damage that includes the steering system and the driveshaft.
  • After removing the wheels checking the brakes. The fluid of the brake is also tested and removed if required.
  • Inspecting the bearings of the wheels properly.
  • Inspecting all the leaks and damages of the brake cylinders, hoses, and pipes.
  • Inspecting the complete operation of the clutch.
  • Checking the suspension for any kind damage.
  • Checking and adjusting the operation of the handbrake as per the requirements.
  • Checking the tires for any damage and misalignment treatment if any.
  • Complete checkup of the exhaust system for any kind of damage or corrosion.
Audi Service
Audi Service

Apart from all the mentioned tasks in both the types of Audi service, carry out some other repairing and maintenance tasks as well, as per the requirements depending on the condition of the car.
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