Logbook Service For Car: Here’s Why It Is Important

We humans need water, food and air to stay healthy and alive. Similarly, our vehicles require regular maintenance and attention to deliver optimum function.  Vehicles need attention from the very first day they start running on the road, but neither do you need to take your vehicle to the service centre every month nor delay undertaking routine service for months together. The log book gives all the details as to when exactly should you take your vehicle for service, based on the kilometres covered/mileage or the months elapsed.

All vehicle manufacturer provides a log book which clearly specifies the service guidelines that are required to be followed to ensure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly for years. The manufacturer insists that the customer follows the log book religiously when it comes to mandatory servicing if the customer expects the vehicle to deliver optimum performance. This log book schedule must be maintained at regular intervals to avoid any kind of damage to the vehicle.
Logbook Service
In other words, a logbook can be described as a reliable document that guides a driver on when to service the vehicle and what type of repair the vehicle needs at what time. Here are some important things about maintaining a log book service and its effects on a vehicle: 

#1. Logbook Service is important: Because you may require claim against the warranty

At times during the course of using the vehicle, you could meet with accidents or other mishaps forcing you to repair the vehicle, but in such cases, if you expect to get insurance coverage, to fund the expenses to get your vehicle repaired, then you must know that your claim for warranty could get rejected if your service log book does not indicate a history of undertaking timely mandatory service. To avoid such circumstances, it is important to have regular logbook service and having the log book appropriately stamped by the service centre.

#2. Logbook Service is important: Because it’s the most reliable document

Logbook service is the only reliable document that you and your dealer will trust. In addition, the person who is going to purchase your vehicle will also trust only this document. So, if you want a good resale value for your vehicle, it is necessary for you to maintain this logbook service.

#3. Logbook Service is important: To cut down service cost

Although service is not something that your vehicle will require every month, it is very important for the vehicle to have it at regular intervals. At the time of servicing, the dealer may slap a hefty bill during paid services. If you want to avoid that possibility, you need to maintain the logbook service schedule correctly.
Logbook Service

#4. Logbook Service is important:  To remember history of your car

It is good to know what happened to your car in the past and when that incident took place. Logbook service will save your time in memorising about a problem that occurred in the past. It is a very simple method to remember the repairs and replacements done on the vehicle. It will not just save you money and time, but can also convince a buyer to believe your words about your vehicle and invest on it while selling. Updating the log book will also help mechanics diagnose mechanical snags while doing any repairs on the vehicle by being able to know the history of repairs and service on the vehicle.

#5. Logbook Service is important:  To have good resale value

When a potential buyer inspects your car and a well-maintained service logbook, the prospective buyer gets a clear idea of the condition of the car. It will increase the buyer’s confidence in you and your vehicle and will fetch you a better price even after having used the vehicle for many years.

These are some of the benefits of having logbook service and maintaining it. By investing some time on it, you will be able to get time and money-saving results in the future. This will also ensure better performance of your car.

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