5 Tips To Choose Perfect Kitchen Splashbacks For Your Home

Kitchen splashbacks are used to protect your kitchen walls and cabinets from dampness, grease, heat, and cooking residue. It is important to get them installed behind the sink and stoves. Since they come in different pattern, style, and colour so by installing kitchen splashbacks in your kitchen you can add an extra edge to its design. Kitchen splashbacks have come a long way from being a standard necessary asset of a kitchen to a focal design feature.
Glass Splashbacks
Glass Splashbacks

There's possibly no part in the kitchen interior where its portrayal has changed so much as the kitchen splashback. Splashbacks aren't just about keeping stains and splashes away, but also they offer you a countless opportunities for visual and quality enhancements in your kitchen. No matter whether you're looking for elegant kitchen design, or a cool hangout, or a culinary hub, splashbacks play an important role in making your kitchen dreamy.

5 Tips To Choose Perfect Kitchen Splashbacks

The wide range of kitchen splashbacks can make it difficult to select the one that best suits your kitchen. However, the following tips can help you narrow down your choices so you can select the right splashback for your kitchen without any confusion.

1. Pick your benchtop first:

Choosing your kitchen benchtop first is the best approach for selecting splashbacks. The number of choices (colours and materials) available for kitchen benchtop are significantly less than the options you've for a splashback. So, if you already have a benchtop installed in your kitchen, then it will be easy to pick a splashback of right colour and material that goes well with the benchtop. Even if you're building a new kitchen or renovating it by throwing off your benchtop, install the benchtop first before you think of splashback, this will make your selection process for splashback easier.

2. Choose the material:

There is variety of materials available for splashback including tiles, glass, stainless steel, marble, and pressed metal. You may have to consider factors such as aesthetics, convenience, and functionality before finalizing on material. You can go with tiles and pressed metal if you want to give more traditional look to your kitchen. Though mosaic tiles look more beautiful on splashbacks, they are more difficult to clean compared to larger tiles. On the other hand, glass is a great choice to give more of a contemporary look to your kitchen. Glass can be matched to any benchtop colour and is easy to maintain and clean. Finally, if you cannot think of any material that could go well with your benchtop, then choosing the same material as benchtop is a wise decision.

3. Colour selection:

If you've chosen your benchtop first then you've already narrowed down your choice of splashback colours. In case you want your benchtop to take center stage then you need to select splashback colour more wisely so that it won't take away the attention from benchtop. You can also contrast colours of splashbacks and benchtop if you want to add an extra edge, or go with similar colours if you want more consistent look.

4. Add an extra light using splashback:

If you can allow natural light through splashback and have more open space then let the outside natural view bring some colour to your kitchen. However, if this option is not feasible, you can think of mirror splashback and give spacious feel to the kitchen.

5. Take your time:

If you're really confused and struggling to make the right choice then wait until all the other components of the kitchen are set. Once benchtop and cabinets are installed you can assess the overall look and choose your splashbacks.

Hopefully, you like the above mentioned tips about choosing Kitchen Splashbacks for your home.

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