DIY Tips for Installation of Telephone Cable Wiring Hassle Free

Telephone cable wiring is usually seen as the job of the telephone exchange and service department. In addition, there is nothing wrong in that as they have team of the professionals who can create a widespread telephone wire networking for you hassle free. Usually, telephone networking is created on the outside walls of the building but these days with all the tools and equipment easily available, you can create the network in the inside walls of the building too. If you wish to do it, all by yourself, then you need a good quality cable of standard length and durability, wall jacks (number as per requirement), screw driver, and drilling machine for making holes in the walls. Apart from that, you will also be requiring a fully-fledged diagram explaining telephone cable wiring in details so that you don’t end up creating a mess from the wiring episode.
Telephone Cable Wiring
Telephone Cable Wiring

Things to consider while laying the cable for the telephone network

  • Telephone cable networking is not simple connection of the two points to start the network. On the contrary, various connection points on which you will need to connect the cable. First connection point is the connection between telephone network points of the locality to the main jack box of the building. This is a major responsibility or I should say they usually do a service provided by the telephone department and this connection in the network only. 
  • Next connection is to be made between the main jack box of the building to the exterior wall of your flat or the bungalow. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that often builders provide the jack points at the time of construction of the building or the bungalow in order to prevent any kind of damage to the d├ęcor of the walls. If the jacks are already present, that much effort or work will be saved for you. 
  • If the jacks are not present, then you will have to go through the task of creating the jack points. You will need to drill the sufficient holes in the walls, so that, the telephone cable can go inside it and then the cable has to strip using a wire stripper and brought forward towards the exterior of the wall. This work has to be done with a lot of caution wearing leather gloves in order to avoid shocks. 
  • The other end of the cable has to strip and screwed to the wall jack using screws and screwdriver. It is better you keep wall jack parallel to the wall, so that, it looks aesthetically appealing. 
  • Now, all you have to do is to connect the one end of the cable to the base of the telephone and other end remains intact connected to the wall jack. Make sure both the ends of the cables are strip neatly and fastened properly with the help of the appropriate screws. Now, you can check the connections of the base phone and the receiver also.
These days, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service come along with the cable. It is the most prevalent telephone connection over the older version copper wire connections, which were not only expensive but prone to shocks too.  
Telephone Cable Wiring
Telephone Cable Wiring

The VoIP come with certain features discussed below:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call blocking
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Three-way calling
  • Ring for special callers
  • Fast and convenient long distance call
These are some of the most distinguished features of this service. Apart from that, you can also get internet service on the same connection.

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