Roof Restoration – The Most Common Tasks Around the Globe

With Roof Restoration, the first thing that comes up to our mind is to choose the best option from the hundreds of them available in the market. The decision is generally based on the type of environment you live in and your requirements.
Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration

Below most common types of roof restoration used around the globe.

  • Tiles or marble roofing: Tiles are one of the most commonly used roofing methods around the globe. These come in various shapes and colors and re very popular among the Asian countries. The tiles provide a fabulous look to your roof. Marble roofing on the other hand provides and elegant and classy look to your roof. There are a lot of advantages for the use of both the tiles and marble roofing because both of these materials are almost similar to each other. Generally, these are long lasting and glossy material that provides a shiny look to your roof and these are not damaged by frequent watering or sunlight. The only problem with these materials is that whenever you clean the roof these become slippery to work on until they are dried up and they also leave to us with an option of getting cracked. Yet they are a very favorite choice around the globe.
  • Concrete roofing: Concrete which is made up of water sand and cement is one of the options that will last for at least half a century, therefore if you are thinking of a type of roof restoration that would last long then this is a perfect option for you. It might be a misconception that concrete floors are only straight or flat but the reality is that these can also have a slight curve to them. If you are still not convinced with concrete roofing then you need to remember that concrete is resistant to fire and it can be painted according to your own wish. You really do not need to pick up the particular designs in the market but create your own design on your roof. But the major drawback of concrete roofing is the difficulty in the installation process that is heavily costly and there is a huge weight of the concrete itself.
  • Terracotta roofing: In the recent times, Terracotta roofing is one of the favorite types of roofing around the globe. In the Asian and Indian countries, Terracotta roofing is very popular since the ancient times but has become a favorite in our times. Terracotta roofing is mainly made up of clay which will last long almost like that of concrete roofing. Terracotta roofing is fire resistant and is resistant to Salt which is very useful and so a popular choice in the coastal areas. Moreover, they are thermal protective which will help you adjust your room temperature according to the weather outside. But their installation is highly costly and it cannot be colorful or designed according to your wish. But for a small note they have their own natural beauty that enhances the beauty of your house as well.
  • Steel roofing: Steel roofing is also one of the common option and these have a lot of advantages over the other roofing options. In the matter of Energy Efficiency, steel is the best and it is also thermal regulator or protector which controls the heating and cooling of your room. One of the biggest advantages of this roof restoration is that it is recyclable. But the cost and the maintenance are the factors that make it a second thought for most homeowners.
Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration
So, make sure that you carefully consider the above mentioned options, and after carrying out good research go for the option that is best suited for your needs.
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