Simple and Easy DIY Tips to Clear Your Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is really an intense matter of concern when the problem is in your home. It is linked with several warning signs which will help you to catch the problems. When the drain is blocked, the sink takes pretty longer time to drain. Again, you may also find shower water gathering around your feet. Moreover, you cannot ignore the unpleasant and strange odor in the bath. All these signs indicate that your drain is completely blocked.

There are numerous ways through which you can deal with the problem quickly or else you will have to face an unhygienic bathroom also a dirty one. The cost you will have to bear later will be much higher if you don’t take precautionary measures. We recommend you to look for a quick and effective solution without any delay.
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

How to unclog the drains without hiring experts:

If you are proud owner of your house, it is your duty to take good care of your residential property. You should not tolerate the untidiness caused by a clogged drain. The excess gunk and hair need to be removed from the surface of your drain. You can call up professional plumbers to resolve the issue. But what would happen if they do not turn around?

Therefore, you have to be ready with DIY tips to avoid expensive plumber services. A few common ways through which you can unclog the blocked drain on your own are –
  • Vinegar and baking soda – You can mix vinegar with baking soda in the right proportion in a measuring cup. As soon as the mixture fizzes, you should pour it down the jammed drain. This procedure will help you to remove the grime, hair and gunk built up in the pipe. After some time, you can flush it with hot water. An alternative way of using these household ingredients is that you first pour dry baking soda down the drain. After that, you should pour vinegar on the previous ingredient.
  • Boiling water – This is the quickest and easiest DIY tip to clean the clogged drains. You simply need to put your kettle on and boil a large volume of water. After that, you need to pour the hot water slowly down the clogged drain. It will take less time to remove the dirt and clear your drain. However, you must pour water in two-three stages so that the hot water can start functioning in between every pour. This is also a simple method.
  • Caustic soda – You can add 3 cups of caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide to a specific gallon of cold water. As you stir the mixture well into a mop bucket, it will fizz. You can pour it into the blocked passage and flush the drain with hot water. This procedure is bound to bring success in your home improvement DIY project. You can repeat the procedure if you find it necessary.
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Unclogging drains without using chemicals:

It is true that certain chemical agents work fantastic while cleaning or unclogging your drain. But they may cause safety hazard if you do not focus on the protection of your eyes and hands. You have to wear gloves to avoid direct contact of your hands. But you can unclog your blocked drain without using dangerous chemicals. Plugged drains are generally found in three major places such as
  1. The internal passage
  2. Curved segments of pipes
  3. Inside the chief drainpipe
Therefore, before calling an emergency plumber or spending a lot of time to unblock your drain, you must identify the hotspot where the problem lies. You can use our quick tips to quickly fix the growing issues and also to save a few bucks.
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