What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Elegant Furniture Upholstery?

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing furniture and appropriate upholstery. The padding, springs and inner webbing are all important when it comes to comfort.  Selecting the right fabric material and color as well as design will give you immense satisfaction of a harmonized interior plus durability and easy care.
  • Fabric types that can blend well with the color of your rooms: Leather as part of furniture upholstery can be durable and stylish but you must choose high quality hides for decorating your sofas and chairs.
  • Wool is durable and it is also resistant to piling and wrinkling. Synthetic wool blends have a lovely feel and can be cleaned with ease, but you should be careful if you have pets at home.
  • Cotton is a perennial favorite and it is available in various types such as long staple Egyptian high thread count fabric. Cotton is cool and comfortable but requires more maintenance.
  • Silk can be exotic in looks and super sensuous to touch but one must be careful and avoid it if there are children and pets at home.
Furniture Upholstery
Furniture Upholstery

You can also choose from vinyl, rayon and polyester when you decide about types of upholstery fabric:

  • Vinyl can resemble leather and gives more color options and it is also easy to clean and maintain the ideal one for a family with lively children and pets.
  • Rayon is another alternative to silk and it is more durable but it can wrinkle easily.
  • Linen feels good and has a unique look but it can soil easily and must be cleaned professionally to avoid shrinkage.
  • Polyester viscose blends are wrinkle resistant and fade resistant but they are prone to pilling.
Consider fade resistance, mildew resistance and resistance to soiling as well as ease of maintenance when selecting the fabric. Natural fibers are comfortable but synthetic fiber furniture upholstery is better in all respects.

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Furniture Upholstery
Furniture Upholstery

Furniture upholstery fabric is available with a variety of finishes that need looking into:

  • Glazing: If you like your fabric to have a soft sheen then glazed fabric gives a nice shiny appeal.
  • Fire retardant: Treatment with chemicals makes the upholstery fabric slow to catch fire and burn.
  • Anti-bacterial: Manufacturers of furniture upholstery fabrics give an antibacterial and anti-fungal coating. Selecting a fabric so treated ensures the fabric resists infestation by fungus, molds and bacteria.
  • Stain resistance: This is imparted by special coatings that prevent liquids from penetrating fibers deeply. So it is very important to choose fabrics that are of high quality, and presumably from a branded shop. Fine materials and proper coatings keep your furniture protected from dust and dirt to a large extent.
  • Water-repellant: Fabrics with water repellant coatings prevent water from soaking into the fibers, the quality that pet owners and parents of little kids surely appreciate.
With the basics of furniture upholstery taken care of you can now address the main issue of visual aesthetic in the form of colors and patterns. Colors can be broadly classified as earthy, warm and cool. Earthy colors are brown and russet while orange, yellow and reds are warm. Greens and blues are cool. You will retain your furniture for a long time so pick a color that you like and can live with. Since taste in colors is a personalized matter the broad guideline is to choose dark, rich colors if you have larger rooms with heavy furnishing and pastels for smaller rooms. There is much more to furniture upholstery but fabric selection makes a good starting point. 
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