Tips for Decorating the Outdoor Areas with Brilliant Outdoor Party Lights

Everyone loves to throw private parties with their friends and close ones, in their free time. Usually, people like to party at the evenings, after they return from the whole day’s work, so that they can get some relaxation through these parties. These parties become more enjoyable, when arranged outdoor, in the large balcony or in the garden of the house. But these evening parties can linger even till late night, if the party space is well lit with bright outdoor party lights.

Moreover, these party lights uplift the cheery mood of any party and help the guests to enjoy the party thoroughly. If any party is thrown at the poolside of the house, this space demands greater decorations with the varieties of party lights. But it is extremely essential for a person to have knowledge about the types of outdoor party lights that can be put up at different outdoor spots of the house, on the occasions of parties or any other festive celebration. Even the patio of the house can be decked with various colorful lights, mainly during the festivals.
Outdoor Party Lights
Outdoor Party Lights

Certain factors that should be known for installing the outdoor party lights

  • When string lights are used as party d├ęcor, it is best to measure the space over which these string lights are going to pass. One can also make a design graph, for putting up several string lights in different directions, to make the space brighter and more glamorous.
  • It is best to buy high quality commercial grade string lights, where the strings contain very strong copper wires inside and the sockets of the bulbs are weather proof, to enable the lights to stand any adverse weather change.
  • The prices of these strings of lights are quite affordable by every party-lover, enabling them to party whenever they want.  Moreover, the high durability of these lights has made them more cost friendly for the buyers. These low watt bulbs are also energy efficient, leading to the savings in the electric bills.
  • There are large varieties of outdoor party lights; namely Galvanized European strings, Fun lights, Solar powered string lights and Battery powered string lights. Most of these lights use LED bulbs now, to save much electrical energy. Some strings contain only white lights; while some contain multicolored light bulbs. The Galvanized strings use copper or steel shades for attaching 24 – 40 watt bulbs, for decorating the party venue with numerous bright lights. The Fun lights are actually strings of multicolored mini light bulbs, which serve the purpose of decoration, more than the lighting the party space.
  • It is better to hang a strong wire for supporting the heavy string lights, mainly the longer strings with numerous LED bulbs; so that these strings cannot collapse due to their own weight.
  • The number of bulbs or sockets in each string should depend on the length of the string. The longer strings can afford to hold larger amount of sockets in them.
  • The individual tables of the party can be provided with beautifully shaped lanterns, with white or colored bulbs of low watt.
  • It is better to hire the service of an expert electrician, for the installation of the party lights, to ensure safety of the hosts and their guests.
  • The patio of the house can be permanently lighted up with string lights or embedded lights, to increase the beauty of the house.
Outdoor Party Lights
Outdoor Party Lights
Due to the low wattage of these bulbs or the availability of solar or battery powered bulbs help in carrying on late night parties, without worrying about the electric bills.  Moreover, the hosts of these parties earn much acclamation from their guests, for their tastes in decorating the party spaces. 
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