How To Select The Gas Log Fires For Your Home?

Winter season is the time when you want to keep your place warm with the gas log fires however the job is easier said than done because there are too many options in the market. Instead of getting confused, you should use the following tips to get the best heating solution:
Gas Log Fires
Gas Log Fires

Free standing gas logs:

One can buy a prefabricated fireplace for the house instead of purchasing new chimneys. They are too expensive to install when compared with the readymade options available in the market. Moreover, the device is far more energy efficient than the traditional ones. The majority of people in urban areas prefer the same option for their homes as it is provided by the retailers with no strings attached. As the name suggests, there is use of gas in the operation of the gas log fires, but you do not suffer from suffocation or breathing problems if you install these fireplace at your home.

Gas burning fireplace:

Conventional wooden logs are quite popular among the homeowners as they impart vintage appearance to the house apart from the heating of the room. The advantages include easy maintenance apart from the structure being not too expensive.

Vented logs:

People can select the vented or vent free logs. You need to install an outlet or a chimney for the free passage of the gases and in this connection, you can easily get numerous designs and frameworks for the gas fire logs. As far as the vented logs are concerned, they incorporate chimneys for removing the hot air from the fireplace. Vented versions are not energy efficient but they have a wonderful appearance.
  • Vent free logs are devoid of roaring effect and the flame doesn’t look quite realistic however the device doesn’t cost a bomb as far the energy bills are concerned.
  • You can the vent free logs for longer hours and keep the room warm at the fraction of the cost. The majority of the products have an internal thermostat that would help to regulate the temperature of the room in an easy and hassle free manner.
A note of caution for the homeowners is that, the vent free heaters should not be installed near the curtains or the clothing fabric, because they can cause a fire in the house.
Gas Log Fires
Gas Log Fires

Measure the British thermal units:

While shopping for the Gas logs, it is important to measure the BTUs that are spent in heating the room. A comparison can help users in arriving at the correct decision. It is vital to get information about the size of the room along with the height of the ceiling. You can access the chart and find data about the gas logs as well as the associated BTUs.

Fuel Types that you can use for the gas log fires:

  • The gas logs are powered by Natural gas or liquid propane. As far as the latter is concerned, it burns thrice as fast as the former but emits lot of carbon in the atmosphere.
  • Natural gas based store is cheaper than the device powered by Liquid propane. When you are using the LP based stove, make sure that it is connected to a large tank located outside of the house.
  • Generally people prefer natural gas as fuel however if the option is not available in the neighborhood, you can install the LP version.
Finally it is important to decide about the quality of the gas log fires. No matter what gas logs you are buying, make sure that it is of high quality, belongs to a top brand and is backed by a solid warranty to get the value for money attributes.
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