Top 6 Benefits When You Choose Timber Windows for Your Home

Doors and windows are important not only for the décor of the house but you need to look for other benefits when choosing the material used for these. Take your time and look and choose the right windows when you going to build a new home or even renovating the existing one. The best part with timber windows is that, they are not heavy to carry or install, and they can be made of hardwood, or of engineered wood, but you can easily fix them, clean them with wood cleaning solutions, and when you decide to sell your property, you get the highest values for your home, if you have timber windows installed in them.
Timber Windows
Timber Windows

The many benefits of choosing timber windows

1. Long lasting:
Timber windows as compared to other windows can practically last for a long time. All that is required is a little bit of care and maintenance. These windows do not get discolored and affected with moisture if you put a gloss and proper wood polish on the window ledges.

2. Good Looks:
These timber windows can enhance the look of your interiors as you are able to tailor your windows with the multiple options available like oak, mahogany or even maple. All these can give a totally different look. You can also think of stained, carved or painted to suit the interiors and preferences.

3. Insulator:
Timber being natural also works as a perfect insulator, keeping the temperatures inside your home at a comfortable level. Wood is able to lower carbon emissions which in turn, can reduce your electricity bills.

4. Maintenance:
As compared to other materials used for windows, timber does require maintenance but at a lower level. This can help in retaining the looks of the windows for a long time besides resist the elements of nature. There are many cleaning agents that are available for cleaning timber windows, and you can also clean them with moist cloth and liquid soap.

5. Wastage minimum:
Taking the other materials like PVC used for windows, there is minimum wastage when you opt for timber windows as these can be recycled and reused. Talking about PVC, only 3% of the waste can be recycled; the rest is in the landfills, causing more harm than good to the environment.

6. Affordable:
Many of us have the wrong notion of wooden windows being more expensive as compared to PVC. You have a wide range of choices available not only in the different types of timber used in the windows but also in the prices. You can easily use old timber furniture left-overs and then use them to make your timber windows.
Timber Windows
Timber Windows

Factors to opt for the window manufacturer

Few tips and you can be assured of timber windows which can last to nearly 60 years, which is considered as a ‘life time’.
  • Look out for manufacturers who are able to provide the required warranties and guarantees for the timber windows, so that you are relaxed for a long time.
  • You can also look for manufacturers who provide products which are ‘carbon neutral’ are renewable, and come from forests which are certified FSC.
  • This helps you trace the wood to the forest where it came from.
Look for manufacturers who can offer you a wide range of options with different prices. You can compare the prices of the different manufacturers before you settle for a specific one. This can help you in saving more of your finances. A manufacturer with a reputation you can count on can make all the difference. This also includes the experience. Timber windows by a good manufacturer can add to the style and elegance of your home manifold, making it more valuable.    
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