Add to the Beauty of Your Home with Gorgeous Cantilevered Stair

Staircase is an important part of your home. It needs to be constructed well as it bridges the gap between the two levels of your home. Apart from the aesthetic values, the cantilevered stairs are also quite functional, as they do not lead to any accidents, especially if you are worried about the children and the aged parents at home. They can easily get up and down these stairs. If you choose a beautiful design for your staircase, you can easily add more elegance to your home d├ęcor without any flaw. There are various designs of stairs which are quite popular among homeowners in modern times. cantilevered stair is one such design that can upgrade the style and standard of your interior design. It has the ability to create a unique style statement. 
Cantilevered Stair
Cantilevered Stair

Importance of having Cantilevered Stair at your home:

A staircase can create a huge impact on the interior design of your home. Hence, if you choose the wrong one, it can destroy the feel and look of the entire house. You need to pay attention while opting for the style and design of your staircase. Cantilevered Stair is a popular style, which you will never regret installing. The cantilevered stairs can be constructed with alternate layers of trusses or slabs, so it is also durable in nature. Torsion control is yet another feature that makes this stair perfect for any modern home. Most importantly, it makes the other elements of your home prominent. 

The following list indicates the importance of Cantilevered Stair in home improvement.

This Stair is simple in design yet it provides gorgeous looks creating an exceptional look and feel of the overall residential architecture. It is one of the favorite stair styles for most architects as it gives them wider options to display their creativity and to make the decor more elegant and versatile.
  • Cantilevered Stair stands out because of its extensive range of unique features which include weightless treads that are unsupported, thus creating a fine impression of floating in the midair.
  • Cantilevered Stair creates a wow-factor in the surrounding space. The beautiful design of this type of stair is mostly responsible to grab the attention of the homeowners. However, the construction of the stair should be done before the wall is constructed, and there should be sufficient gaps between the flight of stairs and the treads. These stairs bring forth an element of intrigue and sophistication around the area and the credit goes to its stylish construction.
  • Cantilevered Stair requires minimum effort for maintaining it though it creates a massive impact. Moreover, it also provides several options from the point of materials and configurations. It is generally found to be fixed at straight walls with no railing and no noticeable fixing component. 
Cantilevered Stair
Cantilevered Stair

Different materials used for Cantilevered Stair:

The most exciting fact about cantilevered stair is it can provide a vast array of design possibilities which you will like a lot. But you need to be certain that it is constructed with quality materials in order to get better support. If you choose good quality material for your stair, you can find it to be more durable and for that, you can consult with some professional staircase designers. 

The most popular materials which you can find for your cantilevered stair are listed below.
  • Stone
  • Composite materials
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Timber

Factors determining the cost of Cantilevered Stair:

It is true that cantilevered stair costs more than a normal straight flight. However, it costs much less than the complex helical stair design. So, if you want a multi-featured stair design at reasonable price, it is the best option for you.

However, the cost of cantilevered stair depends on certain factors like:
  • Requirements
  • Size
  • Material
Therefore, you can add to the beauty of your home by choosing cantilevered stair.
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